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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Farm Fair Review

Farm Life so encompasses my time that it seems that I have completely ignored my farm blog forever. I plan to rectify that.

Yesterday was cold and rainy but we pressed on with our first annual Farm Fair. The idea was to have vendors with interesting wares, classes with spellbinding topics, demonstrations that wowed, kids games that prompted giggles and hay rides that showed off the view of the valley from the top of the mountain. And, except for the view from the top, everything thing else came to pass. Maybe with a few less peeps, but those who braved the weather left smiling.

There was added excitement when "Bob" the tractor failed to pull the wagon load of peeps up the steep, muddy "road" to the top of the mountain. With each of the three failed attempts backing down was a thrill in itself.

Hayride highjinks.

Cassie and the girls on the hayride. She never passes up an opportunity to be the center of attention.

Wonderful articulated carvings from Dale of Rayville. I especially like Abe Lincoln; a confederate soldier stood nearby!

My peeps learning how to mix their own feed to obtain the desired % of protein. I mix my own feed here at Rocky Creek and change the protein level depending on the circumstances.

Our incredibly talented Caitlyn and her felted animals. I loved the WOLF. Her hats were a hit; especially on this COLD day. Caitlyn also gave us a spinning demo. Caitlyn is another of our talented Rayville residents.

Rayville's resident soapmaker, Shonna. Her patrons LOVE her and her many varieties of sudsy, old fashioned, super-duper soap; she does her part in keeping Rayville squeaky clean.

The incomparable Parker women of Parker's Pasture Raised Beef, Pork, Poultry and Lamb. The girls do remarkable embroidery on their tea towels and offer other hand-made items. They live about 10 miles as the crow flies from Rocky Creek.

Farmer Gary teaching a class on rabbit hutches. Our hutch is empty right now but I'm going to get some Angoras. To spin the fiber. Can't wait.

Jeff Dobbs and our grandson, H2. Jeff and Henry are both outdoorsmen; I knew they would take to one another. H2 has a You Tube channel: Get Outside With Henry. Jeff's You Tube channel is Lone Aspen Outdoors. Check them out if you love nature!

Other classes we held were Natural Pesticides and Fertilizers, Beneficial Insects, Chicken Tractors and Laundry Soap making. Inside the Cottage a display featured how to make salve--dandelions being the dominant herb right now. Be sure to check out our regular classes at www.rockycreekvalley.com
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