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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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How To Wash Your Hair

I have spent a great deal of time and money to find the perfect shampoo. I was delighted when the manufacturers decided to go "natural". Unfortunately, natural is not always what it implies; government agencies have taken great liberties with meanings of everyday words. Natural shampoos are laden with chemicals and seemed little better than conventional ones.

I tried making my own but it still wasn't quite right. Then I hit upon an old recipe, one that I had tried years ago. It is so simple and so effective and so economical. It may be too simple. Something that easy can't work? Right?


So, here it is.

Baking Soda

Put about one tablespoon baking soda in a container then fill it with water. Pour this over your hair massaging into the scalp and throughout your hair. Leave on for a few seconds then rinse off. Your hair will be squeaky clean.

This is wonderful for children and a true no tears shampoo.

Rosemary Vinegar

Herbs infused in white vinegar is a great hair conditioner. This one is rosemary (good for brunettes, red heads). I have used lavender and rose petals, too. If you are blond, try chamomile. Put the herbs in the jar; it doesn't matter how much. It depends on how strong or mild you want it. Experiment! I have several sprigs of rosemary in this jar.

Pour a small amount into a container--I use the same jar that I had the baking soda in. Pour this over your hair. CAREFUL here, because this WILL burn your eyes. Do not rinse off.

There may be a slight vinegar smell, but this will dissapate and you will just smell clean with a hint of herb.

I love this dynamic duo...I hope you'll give it a try.

And, as always I hope you will share your ideas and how-to's with us by adding your name and website below.

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