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Friday, October 5, 2012

GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Gary Null - Part 1

I used to love Star Trek...well, heck, I still do. They obtained their food thru a vending-type machine that manufactured your choices on demand. OMGSH! They are eating fake food! I was shocked and appalled at what it was doing to the health of the Star Trek crew.

Well, now thanks to GMO engineering we are doing the same thing. Fake foods line the shelves at the grocers. We opt for convenience over healthy choices because we have crammed our lives so full of activities.

Our bodies are gloriously and wondrously made. There are millions of interactions happening at lightening speed to keep us up and running. Do we really want to toy with these intricate mechanations? Do we want to interfere with the marvelous interactions of our body systems that are responsible for all of the body's functions?

Our bodies are designed to run on food from the earth--animal and vegetable. When we alter that food there are bound to be consequences. We are upsetting the delicate balance required to fuel and replenish our bodies. The results may be slow to develop but you can be assured that the changes to your body will happen and they will not be of a positive nature.

Take time to get informed about GMOs. Learn about the food you are feeding yourself and your loved ones so you can make intelligent decisions about health. Take a few minutes to watch this film. hh
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