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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Goat Herd

I have been waiting for MILK GOATS for years. My last one was in 1977--that's a long time between goats! I purchased Daisy and her daughter, Button, about two weeks ago. She's a Saanen--a white breed which produces copious amounts of milk. Hilda (my 70's goat) gave over a gallon a day, so I have high hopes for Daisy. She has had a few health problems: parasites, bleeding, iron deficiency, poor coat but I have a good start on getting her healthy. I put her on an involved mineral and herbal protocol and she is showing marked improvement.


Daisy is in "training" for milking; she's not too happy about it, but she does love her carrot and apple treats with mollasses! FarmBoy Gary got the milking stanchion just right for her and me so milking time will be a happy time.

Her kid is just adorable. Since she is cute as a button, I thought it an appropriate name.

Button - three weeks old

The other goats weren't too sure about the new additions to the family, but they are adjusting. Although Belle is disgruntled at being replaced as First Queen of the Barn Yard, Willie is delighted to have another female. He has already gotten in trouble for pestering Daisy with his bites on her legs. Cocoa Puff likes having someone her size to romp with. I hope they remain friends when Button outgrows her two or three times over!

Willie is a black Nigerian whether (neutered) and Cocoa Puff (short and brown) is a Pygmie

Belle is a Boar goat and has the sweetest personality ever.

I have several breeds so my goat classes will have a nice variety.

I am so excited to have started my milking "herd" and have only tasted one squirt but it was delicious!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Than Meets The Eye

I am always telling my herbal students that it is better to take the whole herb than a tiny part that has been extracted, strengthened or standardized. It is better to eat whole food than it is to eat parts that have been isolated, fortified or instantized.


The constituents in plants are ABUNDANT and LIFE-GIVING. Nourishing and toning.

My daughter sent me a link about breast milk which, once again, proves this point.
There's more in there than JUST food.

Take a few moments to read THIS ARTICLE. and you will see how breast feeding affects your baby long after childhood.

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