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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This month it's all about women. MAIDEN, MOTHER AND MENOPAUSE I and II. We will explore many herbal allies for females from cradle to grave. There is so much information in this class it takes two sessions to cover it. Some of the subjects we will be covering in our alternative approach: pregnancy/fertility,fibromyalgia, depression, headaches, fatigue,PMS, heart health, memory, osteoporosis, breast cancer and menopause.

I only offer these classes once a year, so don't miss it!

MMM I Tues March 6 10 am to noon $20
MMM II Tues March 13 10 am to noon $20 OR BOTH CLASSES FOR $35

Call or email me to register: class size limited.
816-853-0440 lizzy@rcvfarm.com

Monday, February 27, 2012

Warms Me Up!

BRRRR. Even though we have had 60+ degree days, our nights are frigid. This morning it was 28; my toes got cold before I finished the chores. But, you know what warms me right up? In fact what gets me boiling? Corporations who love profit more than truth. Corporations who don't care what goes into your body and YOUR CHILDREN'S bodies.

Now I like chocolate. And, I like hazelnuts. And, I even like Nutella. HOWEVER, the commercial pitched it as a way to get children to eat BREAKFAST. OMGSH. And, to make it even more appealing, they touted how it's all preservative-free, no chemicals, and, oh yeah, it's made with SKIM milk. Just typing that stirs me up. What they DON'T mention is the very first ingredient on the label is sugar. SUGAR. Do our kids need any more sugar??

Parents, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make the effort to get sugar off your children's plate. They are depending on YOU for their health and their future health. Illnesses that are labeled LIFESTYLE diseases simply means YOU are in control.
You don't have to completely eliminate sugar; all things in moderation. But, make a start. Take a few minutes READ THIS ARTICLE about sugar.

Click the link! Don't take my word for it; there are NUMEROUS studies about the ill-effects of sugar.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Community Supported Agriculture CSA

CSA Open House - Saturday, 2/18 10 am to 2 pm Bad Seed Farmers Market 1909 McGee KC
Come on by and check out the local farmers offering CSAs.

What the heck is a CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture. They’ve been around a long time and in today’s climate of savvy consumers they are making a resurgence. Basically a farmer offers a specific number of shares to the public. A share usually consists of a combination of produce/fruit/berries/flowers/eggs/meat depending on what the farm produces.
The consumer shares in the rewards and risks of farming: there are bumper crop years and lean years. Often the consumer will also get to share in the labor a few hours a month. This allows families to be a part of where their food comes from and provides valuable teaching opportunities to their children.
Fresh, local food on your table is beneficial to you, your health and your environment.

This is our first year to offer CSA’s to the public. We are keeping our subscriptions low so we can give our families the best service possible.

We do not use HERBICIDES, PESTICIDES OR CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS. We practice sustainable, responsible gardening. We use many heirloom seeds and practice “seed saving”.

Our chickens are “true” free range—they have the run of the farm. Our eggs are rich, colorful and full of nutrients. Our happy hens run with an assortment of roosters

Subscriptions: May 1—Oct 31, 2012.
Full Share w/work shift: $350+ tax 7-9 veg & 1 doz eggs per week This should feed a family of 4.
Half Share w/work shift: $175+tax 4-6 veg & 1/2 doz eggs per week
Most folks like to have a hands-on approach to their food. If you would like to be involved we will schedule you a work shift in the gardens. Work Shifts: Full share: 12 hrs Half share: 8 hrs per season. Work shifts are optional; subscriptions are a little more if you choose not to work on the farm.

Pick up stations are Farmers Market-Liberty Square, Farmers Market-KC-Bad Seed, Mother Nature Health Market-Liberty, Heritage Home Place-Cameron and at the Farm. Your pick up site will be determined when you sign up.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Biodynamic Gardening

It's WINTER! Really, 60 degree days and no snow accumulation? My plants are so confused.
We've been busy here at the farm regardless of the season. Planting...YES, planting. Winter sowing.
These are my nine raised beds that my FarmBoy Gary made covers for. I've planted herbs and vegetables--every other row was planted using the "biodynamic" method: same seeds, same environment so I can easily tell if there is a difference. Biodynamic gardening goes a step beyond organic...or several steps actually. It is based on Rudolf Steiner's 1924 Agricultural Course. Check out the calendar in GOOD STUFF (look to the RIGHT--click on the book.) Last week I "milk" fertilized all the raised beds. It's no small chore to take off the brick weights and roll back the plastic. Today is a "leaf" planting day (biodynamic method) so am going to sow more seeds...this will finish up the raised beds.

I am also winter sowing in milk jugs; you can use any transparent plastic container. The seeds will germinate as the weather permits. When it's time to transplant, the seedlings will already be hardened off. This is my first year at this so we'll see how well it works. I love all the containers lined up against the little greenhouse....waiting, waiting till Spring.
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