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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Herbalist Is In...

It's here! FIRST FROST HERB CLASS. You've been waiting for this class, asking about this class and wondering what the heck is this class about. Herbs must not be harvested before their time! ROOTS are wonderous, marvelous sources of good juju but there is no need to harvest them if all the medicine is up in the leaves and flowers. As soon as it freezes all that good stuff hurries back down into the root for the winter. DIG NOW!
And, that's just what we are going to do: TUESDAY NOV 1 10 am to noon. First we'll dig, then we'll study and learn all the great things it can do for our bodies, minds and souls then we'll make a natural remedy for you to take home. We will work on two or three different herbal roots depending on the time we have. If you have a small shovel and gloves bring them along. Wear old clothes. Get ready to have fun and learn.

We will start with Dandelion-my all time fav and Burdock-my all time fav. OK, I can't choose between them! They are just so hated by conventional standards and I want to teach anyone who will listen about all their many super-duper qualities and all the GOOD they can do for you and your family. It's truly amazing.

Natural remedies have been around a long time for good reason. I've used them for myself and my family with excellent results. You will be able to choose between making a tincture or a salve to take home. Don't miss this once a year class.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 1 10 AM TO NOON $20 CALL TO REGISTER. Bring a friend; it's a beautiful country drive, all paved roads except for the last block.

Elizabeth 816-853-0440 lizzy@rcvfarm.com

The last Farmers Market of the season is Saturday in Liberty, but not to worry. Rocky Creek free range eggs will be available at Mother Nature's in Liberty. 816-415-4638. Tell them I sent you! And, as always, they are available at the iFarm Country Store here at Rocky Creek.
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