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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How-To-Tuesday Brain Box Part I



Next week I will eleaborate on what's in my Brain. And, that's scaryBefore Outlook, before DayTimers and Franklin and fancy planner binders, before talking cars (GPS), before the world wide web there was the Brain Box. Don't let its unassuming posture, its mild manner, its low-key attitude fool you: it's a power house of information. I'm not sure how many gigabytes a 3x5 file box holds, but it suits me.

I couldn't and wouldn't live without it. It has been my faithful companion and had an honored place on the counter for years. It knows the birthdays I celebrate with family and friends, it knows when I will clean the toliet and it knows the new recipes I am adding to my FOOD FILE. It knows my prized and priceless herbal formulas; for that alone, it's a shining star.

Yes, I use Outlook. Yes, I use a planner. But, the Brain Box quietly contains my life. Not the hectic, changeable schedule of meetings and mileage tracking, but the core repeatable activities like housekeeping, meal planning and seasonal clothing.

Choose any box, they come in several sizes and material. Although, I'm not sure how decoupage adheres to plastic. My Brain Box is metal. Glue on cutouts of your favorite things; mine are WORDS (of course). Then give it a good top coat; it will last for years. Then, if you tire of it, just sand off the old pics and glue on new ones.

My little box has served me well and has undergone many transformations. (When my kids were young it was "Moms Brain".) And, will probably have many more.
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