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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wild Times

We have had an enormous amount of fun with our new automatic-secret-spy-on-nature camera. We've captured the elusive farmwife retrieving things from the closet, the mysterious monster-sized mild-mannered black-as-the-pit-of-an-inkwell cat who lives with us but is rarely seen and finally some wild life. Seeing animals in their natural habitat--just what do they DO while I'm sleeping--was the mission of the cam. Gary, being the electronic-gadget-cyber person that he is, got the camera ready for action and we brainstormed over where to install it. If the first location was to be believed, we had no wildlife. So, we moved it a ways up our mountain. Walaa! Squirrels, raccoons and 'possums! Pretty tame stuff by most folks standards, but I'm excited. The first images showed them just walking by on their way to important animal stuff. Then we scattered a handful of corn...ahhh,who can resist? So here's the proof--we are not alone. The first one is 11 seconds of Rocky the Racoon going about his business. The second is a fat red squirrel determined to solve the riddle of the camera noise in 17 seconds; I think the last frame of his posterior tells us his opinion of having his picture taken.

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