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Friday, May 7, 2010

New Gardens and Bad Plastics

Meet "Bob"...the real workhorse of Rocky Creek.

Here's Bob plowing that first row of our first garden...with a little help from Farmer Gary.

TADA...a garden! Let the planting begin!

Speaking of beginnings, it's Farmers Market time. Visit us at Parkville on Saturday mornings--6:30 am for you early birds till 11:30. And, Lawson afternoons 4 pm till 6:30 pm or so. This year I cut down on the variety of products...all that loading and unloading got to me. I just have my best-selling salves, tinctures & teas, also a couple of new things and as always, potted herbs.

Here is a great article from Rodale about plastics and other toxic chemicals in our lives. Uncle Sam is finally on board. It's worth the trouble to copy and paste--I can't seem to get the auto link to work.
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