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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tea, Please

BRRRRRR... It was 4 degrees when I got up today. Now that calls for TEA!! And I don't mean reach for the tea bags. There's something about preparing your own food, digging in and making something from scratch. It's satisfying. It's warm and fuzzy. And, we herbalists swear that when you make it yourself you are putting your own energy into it, making it your own, making it better, making it healthier.

So, how about Cinnamon Mint. It's good hot or cold, but especially HOT on cold days like today.

8 cups water
3 cinnamon sticks
dozen mint leaves or 3 TBL dried
Pinch of cinnamon powder

Bring water to boil, add cinnamon sticks. Simmer covered about 15 minutes. Remove from heat, add tea leaves and cinnamon powder and steep another five minutes. Strain and sweeten (honey, molasses or stevia are good choices), lemon optional.

Mint is an excellent digestive aid and great for upset tummies. Cinnamon is also good for digestion and is anti-septic, warming, anti-cloting, anti-microbial and helps with blood sugar control.

This planter is full of mint with some other herbs thrown in for good measure.
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