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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Calorie Count

Ahhhh...turkey day is over but left overs linger on. And not just in the refrigerator. I'm afraid to step on the scales. I keep them beside the tread mill and have scrupulously avoided them. I know I had far too many calories; one year I actually tabulated how many and that euphoric-dreamy-triptophan induced state suddenly self-destructed. (A side note: that relaxed stupor probably did not come from the turkey. Triptophan usually does not make you sleepy unless you don't eat any protein with it..which is kind of hard to do when eating turkey! Your comatose state is more likely caused by a carb glut or alcohol!) Just for kicks I looked up how many calories are required for individual activities.

Cassi (our miniature Australian Shepherd) fell into the fish pond so she needed a bath (big time-and it was her first). Bathing her burned 46 calories, (So is that like one bite of pumpkin pie a la mode?) whereas bathing myself only took 20 calories. That doesn't compute--I'm bigger so shouldn't it burn more calories to bath me? If I had showered I would only have burned 17 calories. But, then, I don't think they took into account my article on "How and Why To Take A Shower (see 11-8 blog); I'm sure all that scrubbing takes more energy.

A ten minute play/exercise period with Cassi only burns 26 calories; man, wow, is that all? Watering all my wintering-over herbs and houseplants takes 46 calories; maybe I should have brought in more. A 30 minute Yoga workout takes 65 calories--go Yoga! Those of you who know me know that I like to iron--it usually takes me an hour--goodbye 130 calories, woohoo. Sweeping all the stuff your holiday company tracked in uses only 29 calories, drat. And, the real shocker: sex only takes 10 calories. Huh? No comment.
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