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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Herb Garden

Well, my poison ivy has at last run its course. Still red. Still itchy. But, not spreading and not blistering. There have been SO many folks at market with pi or know someone who has it. One customer said her doctor has encountered more pi cases this spring than in his entire career. My neighbors both have pi yet they have none in their yard. The conservation commission says the urushiol oil is getter much stronger and by observation, I see it is getting much more proliferate. A fellow farmer at market said her husband took their backhoe and scooped up an entire load of pi where none had been last year. So, BEWARE!

Take a look at some of the herbs growing here at GBH Farm.
Valeriana officinalis
--isn't she beautiful? This plant is two years old and stands as tall as I do boasting her queenly status to the entire garden. I tincture the root (www.GBHfarm.com )for its famous nervine and antispasmodic qualities. Valerian is the first herb ever recommended to me by my first herbalist many years ago. I can still feel the remarkable effect it had on my female system.

Artium lappa
Beautiful, luscious GIANT leaves. This photograph was taken last week and already the leaves are considerably larger. I will make tincture from first year roots this fall that I use to draw out fliuds--any fluids--such as sweat, urine, even menstrual flow. Burdock is great in salves for drawing out inflammation and infection. The roots are good in the spring for soup, but I don't dig any as I want to save them for medicine. Burdock root is a nourishing tonic and supplies optimum nutrition to our immune and glandular systems...it's good for so many things is it any wonder I cultivate this "wild weed" in my herb garden.

Lemon Balm
Melissa officinalis
One of my staple herbs, lemon balm smells heavenly! I use copious amounts of Melissa in my tinctures, teas and cosmetic preparations. I formulated Sunshine Ti (available at www.GBHfarm.com) especially for my grandchildren as an alternative to that red stuff! In addition to being a nervine and antispasmodic Lemon Balm is a carminative--good for digestion. Makes a marvelous "lemonade" for the summer!
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