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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's bugging you?

We may still be having cool nights, but the bugs apparently love it. Now, there are "good" bugs, in your soil, in your gut. But, I'm talking today about the ones we don't love. Mosquitoes, ticks. Our little Sophie has already encountered the later. We need to protect ourselves from these pests, but using the wide-spread popular insect repellants makes the fix worse than the bite. I have been experimenting with repellants for two years. I've changed the formula several times, but am determined to find something that works and works well. My husband is a mosquitoe magnet, so needless to say, he is my guinea pig (and a darn cute one as well).

My latest formula of Bugg Off contains neem, a tropic/sub-tropic evergreen tree. It grows to 60-65 feet and is known for its ability to survive drought. Not only is it a non-poisonous bug deterant, it is good for your skin.

To order: http://www.gbhfarm.com/
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