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Monday, March 30, 2009

Did I actually say on Tuesday that I "didn't care" about the weather??? No wonder it rained and sleeted and snowed on Saturday. It warmed up Sunday and now the gardens and yard is so darn wet...thank goodness we're on a hill here at GBH Farm so it will drain quickly...I have dandelion root to dig.

There is a little female cardinal camped out in a bush at my front window. Saturday, yes during the storm, we heard this tiny little thump-thump and thump again. Yes, she's throwing herself against the window pane. For three days now. She's like a mail carrier, nothing stops her. We've shooed, tapped, shouted and meowed (Professor April McGonnagal is involved) and still she throws herself at the glass. We've put the blind up and down, turned the lights on and off; even her bright red handsome husband has flitted and chirped and still she continues her ritual of self-destruction. I hate to call her a bird-brain, but come on now sweetie, STOP IT.
Now, back to the dandelions. You would be hard pressed to find a better SPRING tonic. Dandelion is good for your complete digestive system, kidneys, urinary, immune, lymph..oh my I could go on and on. I am still on a campaign to convince folks to STOP hating the dandelion and susbsequently, stop poinsoning themselves and save money. What a combo. USE the dandys in your yard instead of buying chemicals to pour, sprinkle and spray. Check out the dandelion article on my website for starters: www.GBHfarm.com. If you have more questions, shoot me an email or find me on facebook: Elizabeth Wenig. Have a monumental day :) e
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