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Monday, November 10, 2008

Manners, please...

It's embarrassing, and sometimes humiliating, to be in a social situation and not know how to respond to people. Especially if you are young. I remember. I grew up in the country, fairly isolated, and attended a small one-room school until grade 8. We had a modicum of manners, just enough to get by. So, when our school was "consolidated", we were thrown out into the big world of 20 students in a grade instead of 2! I learned very quickly to watch others to learn correct behavior. When you teach your children good manners, you are doing them a favor, a big one. A Business Journal recently published an article on lucrative business deals going down the tubes because the wheeler-dealer involved didn't practice the simple act of good manners. Some of the X generation often feel that having manners somehow puts you in a subliminal subservient position. Not so. Manners are a sign of respect, not only for you, but also for others. Manners will open doors that would otherwise remain closed. Good manners will build self-respect and self-confidence. Knowing what to do or say will put you at-ease whether you are with an intimate group of friends or a large dinner meeting.

Please, give your children the gift of good manners. I teach etiquette classes, but that's only the beginning. Get involved in your child's learning experience. Use the resources available to you: libraries, bookstores, online.

A couple of days ago I was shopping and three teenage boys were headed for the same door I was. Two of them ploughed ahead of me, but one stopped and indicated for me to go ahead of him. I thanked him, and after we all got out the door, I said, "And, thank you for using your manners." He flashed me a huge teen smile, braces and all. His mother would be proud. I was in a fitness center this week speaking with the owner about etiquette classes. His response was, "Well SOMEONE needs to teach them!" Look around you. Bad manners abound.

Check out our etiquette classes at GBHfarm.com. THANKS!! And, have a monumental day.
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